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What is the difference between cold, warm and hot dokha? How are we able to choose the right product among the Bin Essa dokha selection?

Dokha comes in 3 main categories such as, cold dokha that is light and smooth [...]

How am I able to choose the right dokha among the Bin Essa dokha selection?

Bin Essa Group categorized the dokha products by colors and each color comes in numbers [...]

Why to choose dokha?

a) Dokha is an organic product that is raised and manufactured without any chemical additives. [...]

What are the requirements to become an official Exclusive agent of BIN ESSA Group in the particular country?

Any company wishing to become an agent of Bin Essa Group for dokha products, pipes, [...]

Do I Have To Use The Dokha Pipe?

No, though with the Dokha Pipe’s relatively small bowl size (25mg), it is known as [...]

Where Can I Find BIN ESSA Dokha?

Our brand is available in Kuwait,USA, LONDON,RUSSIA, and growing rapidly. You can CONTACT us for [...]

Why Should I Try BIN ESSA Dokha?

As there are many very happy smokers out there, BIN ESSA Dokha smokers enjoy the [...]

How is Dokha So Powerful?

Dokha is grown in a very hot and humid climate in only one valley near [...]

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