Why to choose dokha?

a) Dokha is an organic product that is raised and manufactured without any chemical additives.
b) Only one puff of dokha is enough to enjoy a premium product to satisfy the smoker and to let feel the fine buzz, unlike other tobacco products.
c) In the current business world time is very valuable, therefore dokha helps to get what you desire in the shortest period of time.
d) Dokha is a very reasonably priced product that can save some cash to the regular smoker. One bottle of dokha contains 80-100 medwakh feeling depends on the size of tobacco, which means if you smoke 10 times a day 1 bottle of dokha should be enough for 8-10 days.
e) Smoke of dokha does not stick to the fabrics or skin.
f)Finally, it is less health damaging. Only 3 puffs for few times a day, while other tobacco products requires to do much more inhales.