What is the difference between cold, warm and hot dokha? How are we able to choose the right product among the Bin Essa dokha selection?

Dokha comes in 3 main categories such as, cold dokha that is light and smooth mainly for the beginners preferring light buzz, warm dokha provides a pleasant buzz while enjoying an exceptional smoke preferred by medium experienced smokers and the hot dokha offers a strong flavor and exceeding head spin, usually consumed by experienced smokers. […]

Why to choose dokha?

a) Dokha is an organic product that is raised and manufactured without any chemical additives. b) Only one puff of dokha is enough to enjoy a premium product to satisfy the smoker and to let feel the fine buzz, unlike other tobacco products. c) In the current business world time is very valuable, therefore dokha […]

What are the requirements to become an official Exclusive agent of BIN ESSA Group in the particular country?

Any company wishing to become an agent of Bin Essa Group for dokha products, pipes, shisha-hookah and other smoking products is required to have several years of experience in this field, an office, sufficient storeroom with all necessary facilities, transportation facilities and the adequately trained sales team. However, please send us an e-mail to info@binessadokha.com, […]